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Physics News

Zigzag Physics: Loophole Makes Light Particles Act Drunk

A universal rule of thumb may need to be rewritten: Light moving freely through empty space does not necessarily travel at the speed of light. As physicists have come to know, light particles traveling through empty space should zip along at exactly 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second).

Here's How Studying Physics Made Elon Musk A Better Leader

When Elon Musk was an undergraduate at the...

Football Physics: Why Deflated Balls Are Easier to Catch

After an inspection revealed that some of the footballs used during Sunday's NFL playoff game were slightly deflated, many people are asking whether the balls gave the New England Patriots an unfair advantage over the Indianapolis Colts. Last Sunday (Jan. 18), the Patriots landed a spot at the Super Bowl after beating the Colts 45 to 7. A ball that is less inflated is easier to deform and grip ...

The Wild West of Physics

In a new National Science Foundation-funded project, University at Buffalo physicists are looking to bridge the gap between two related but distinctive fields: the study of "outer space" (stars and galaxies) and "inner space" (fundamental particles and forces).

It took football to get people interested in physics

If you write a news blog for a living, there's not much better than a debate breaking out on it over a scientific calculation.

MythBusters Physics Homework: Whips and Pendulums

If you need more from the recent MythBusters episodes, here are some physics homework questions for you. The post MythBusters Physics Homework: Whips and Pendulums appeared first on WIRED .

Arts Around Ithaca: Week of Jan. 26

Physics Fair at Kitchen Theatre 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 31st The Kitchen Theatre Company is presenting its newest original musical, Physics Fair, this coming Saturday. The production opened last Saturday and is set in a modern middle school. It sports a vibrant cast of actual middle school and high school students from [?]

Flipping for physics

Don?t shake it off. Shake it up. After seven years as chief information officer, professor Rick Matthews found flipping his introductory physics course inspired first-year students and his popular teaching style in new ways.

Here's How Studying Physics Has Helped Elon Musk Find Insights Everybody Else Misses

When Elon Musk was an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, he pursued a dual degree in business and physics. "It was an unusual combination," he told Physics World in 2007 , "and I enjoyed the physics more. I'm not sure I would study business again if I could replay things." The interest in physics was long in the making for Musk. He's said that he grew up in a "technical" household ...

Hopkins Applied Physics Lab to pay ex-employees $360,000 in discrimination settlement

Two former Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory employees will receive nearly $360,000 in back pay and damages in a settlement over allegations of discrimination, though lab officials said they disagree with findings of a federal inquiry into the matter.

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