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Computer Generated Music News

The Gig: Beats Me

I?m AT MY COMPUTER and feel like SAVING THE WORLD with YOUR EX to JAZZ. Uh, come again? What you just read was my current arrangement of The Sentence, a trademark feature of the splashy new streaming service Beats Music.

Music multitasking, part 2: Why music anywhere, anytime, is awesome

On which I respond to Steve Guttenberg, and a few folks from the comment section, about the ?correct? way to listen to music.

In 'Noah,' Earth And The Bible Get A Computer-Generated Reboot

Darren Aronofsky's latest film is a big-budget Bible story called, simply, Noah . Russell Crowe plays the title character, and the movie also features Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson.

'Peanuts' trailer hits the Web

It's the great teaser trailer, Charlie Brown! Blue Sky and Fox gave fans a first look on Tuesday at the upcoming "Peanuts" 3D-animated movie and how Charles Schulz's beloved comic book blockhead looks in his full computer generated glory.

We turn brainwaves into sound for music and medicine

A neuroscientist and a musician explain how they built the Brain Stethoscope, which is both brain scanner and musical instrument

Internet-capable pianos may change the way students learn to play

In what may be a revolution in experiencing music, 19-year-old Russian pianist Osip Nikiforov is recording Chopin's Etude Op. 10, No. 1, without capturing any of its sound.

Play It Again And Again, Sam

We're all seduced by repetition, music research suggests ? 90 percent of the music we listen to, we've heard before. Beyond music, this bias toward familiarity holds up in every culture. What gives?

?Peanuts? Teaser Trailer Hits The Web (Video)

It's the great teaser trailer, Charlie Brown!

Musician with ALS Creates "The Bionic Mouth" Album with ModelTalker Voice Synthesizer

EAST LANSING, Mich., April 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --East Lansing-based musician Lee Abramson, (43) has forever changed the way music may be created using a touchpad and one finger. With his new album "The Bionic Mouth" Abramson is now the first musician to ever use the ModelTalker voice synthesizer for music purposes. This vocoder is the album's more memorable aspects, and is the method by which ...

LIVE REVIEW: Kraftwerk remain prophetic in Toronto victory lap

I have no idea if Kraftwerk , explicitly or not, ever suggested that electronic music would one day find itself in such a fortress of old guard entertainment as the Sony Centre in Toronto.

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