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Computer Generated Music News

Bill Plympton's 'Cheatin'' is idiosyncratic, mature animation

At a time when animated features have become synonymous with big-budget, computer-generated 3-D studio releases, Bill Plympton has remained stubbornly independent, creating quirky, highly personal hand-drawn films. "Cheatin'" is his seventh and most mature feature to date.

When Robots Write Songs

When Pharrell Williams accepted five Grammy Awards this year on behalf of the French group Daft Punk, the duo were dressed as robots. ?We are quite close now to [programming computers to] generate nice melodies in the style of pop composers such as Legrand or McCartney,? says Francois Pachet, who heads Sony?s Computer Science Lab in Paris. The music-bots analyze works by flesh-and-blood ...

Watch this Unreal Engine 4 rendering look entirely lifelike

It looks real. The computer-generated rendering you're about to see looks like a real life video tour of architecture, complete with lights and far-off greenery. This comes courtesy of French developer koola, making use of Intel and NVIDIA processors as well as Unreal Engine 4. The rendering you?re seeing here first features music from Fabrizio Paterlini by the name of ? Continue reading

Hollywall Entertainment, Inc. Announces the appointment of Charlie Springer as President of Hollywall Music Group

Nashville, TN / ACCESSWIRE / September 2, 2014 / Hollywall Entertainment, Inc., (OTC: ALZH ) announces the appointment of Charlie Springer as President of its Hollywall Music Group. Charlie Springer brings ...

Kenny and the Chromosomes

When University of Sydney PhD candidate Kenny Sabir isn't composing music he is deconstructing chromosomes. The musician and information technologies student won the University's Three Minute Thesis finals held on the weekend with his presentation on understanding chromosomes' structures.

You?ll work Up an Appetite On ?The Hundred-Foot Journey?

"Food is memory." -- Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren). There IS some computer-generated imagery in The Hundred-Foot Journey , but no mutant turtles or giant alien robots.

Computer games give a boost to English

If you want to make a mark in the world of computer games you had better have a good English vocabulary. It has now also been scientifically proven that someone who is good at computer games has a larger English vocabulary. This is revealed by a study at the University of Gothenburg and Karlstad University, Sweden.

California deputy using car computer who struck, killed cyclist will not be charged

A Sheriff?s Department deputy who fatally struck a cyclist in Calabasas, California will not face criminal charges in the death because his actions cannot be proved negligent, according to a Los Angeles County prosecutor?s report. The collision happened on Dec. 8, 2013 and killed prominent entertainment attorney Milton Olin. His death generated widespread attention among [?]

Kano's Alejandro Simon: If This, Then Do That

Imagine a world where playing Pong and Minecraft gives people the power to program their computers. That world is Kano. A crowdfunded startup, it took the idea behind Lego to teach computer programming by playing first-generation computer games. Kano launched on Kickstarter in November 2013. More than 13,000 people from some 50 countries raised $1.5 million in 30 days.

Partnership to digitize discovered Warhol films

Thirty-six years after his death, Andy Warhol continues to surprise us. In April, a team of cyber sleuths discovered 28 previously unseen images the Pittsburgh-born ...

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